Personal Statement On Self Driving Cars Essay

1164 Words Sep 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Have you heard of what’s new to come in our future? That’s right, self-driving cars are what’s to come! Based on current data both General Motors and Mercedes Benz are working on this new hip innovation. As of right now Google has developed and demoed its own self-driving car. “General Motors announced that its 2016 Cadillac sedan will include a system that keeps the car in its lane and automates both braking and acceleration. By 2017, the company plans to offer other models that can communicate speed and location data with other vehicles. Mercedes-Benz showed a more long-term vision, unveiling a concept for a self-driving car that looks more like a swanky lounge on wheels. The U.S. Army showed off a self-driving electric transport shuttle called the Aribo, and China 's Guangzhou Automobile Group displayed an electric autonomous concept vehicle called the Witstar.” (Garthwaite, 2015) Self-driving cars, it’s the latest thing, technology is never ending. Our cars will soon be driving themselves at the touch of our fingertips. The self-driving car will offer many features and make it more convenient in our everyday lives. Picture yourself running late, and you haven’t any time to do your make-up; well no worries, your car can drive itself and you can do your make-up on the way to wherever it is you’re going. I chose this topic for a lot of reasons, I wanted to learn more about what may be my future car has to offer me. The self-driving car will vary in price like any car today…

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