Personal Statement On Self Disclosure Essay

1126 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
In a relationship one way we get to know the other person and how we let them get to know us is from self-disclosure. Letting each other know intimate or private details about your life helps build trust in the relationship. Letting your partner know your intimate experiences and beliefs is good for building rapport but making sure you don’t disclose too much information is also important. I have told my husband everything about myself, the good, the bad, and the ugly but sometimes I wish I had not. There are certain things from my past that had no bearing on our relationship that I wish I could take back from sharing with him because he likes to throw things in my face. My husband is the type of person that gets angry and uses things that you have told him against you and the things I told him about myself made no difference on how close we are or how close we will ever but I just wanted him to know everything about me which is something I regret. According to Bevan and Sole sharing intimate details about your relationships or discussing personal issues in professional situations such as the classroom or the workplace is inappropriate in most circumstances. Disclosure that is inappropriate to the context is referred to as over disclosure however in a relationship you must disclose some information which is how you get to know one another. Maintaining a certain balance when disclosing information is important because disclosing too much information can also be harmful to…

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