Personal Statement On Self Confidence Essay

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We all know that in order to achieve something we need to know exactly what we are trying to accomplish. So what if you are trying to become self-confident, but you really don’t know what self-confidence is? In turn, you don’t know how to achieve such a thing if you don’t know what it entails. Self-confidence is defined in the dictionary as “a trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment”. Being able to gain self-confidence is easier and harder for each individual. You may be sitting there wondering how people have always had self-confidence and how they are not as insecure as you are. It is tricky to become self-confident. In a way you have to be confident enough to know that you will be able to gain it. I’m here to show you areas that you need strengthen in order for you to gain self-confidence.
Trusting in one’s abilities.
Right now you may think you are lacking in skills or you may think your talents just don’t compare with others. Maybe one time you did something that you were proud of and somebody told you it wasn’t good enough, so you believed them. Well I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong and so are they. Everyone is born with skills but some just don’t find them until later on down the road. It takes years to develop skills that you will find useful. Imagine you being an eighth grader and you don’t believe you have any talents or skills. What you don’t know is that future you is really good at budgeting and accounting. The littler you does not know that…

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