Personal Statement On Self Care Essay

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In Module One, one of the most impactful statements that impacted me was in the lecture, “From Trauma to Transformation: A Team Approach,” when Diane Langberg said, “Caregivers are not limitless in our ‘supplies.” She was talking about Caregivers’ need to remember our own frailty. On average, a clinician only last in the field between five to ten years and they can’t do it anymore. This was a shocking statistic and very eye-opening for me.
I chose this statement above other in all of Module One because I think self-care is an area many Caregivers struggle in remaining initial about. I know I certainly do. I have found it is very to cross the line of remaining an instrument in the Lord Hands and drawing from Him, over to operating in our own strength and “doing it FOR God,” instead of allowing Him to do it through us. That is why Langberg statement impacted me so much. Self-care is an area I am consistently trying to grow in and be more conscious about. It practical application, I think I might a plaque for my office walls that says, “Caregivers are not limitless when using our own supplies…. we must draw from The Supply-Giver AT ALL TIMES!” This may seem silly but my goal is to continue to be an instrument of healing and restoration in the Lord’s Hand much longer than 5-10 years. I continue to put accountability systems in place around me to help me be intentional about self-care.

Module Two In Siang-Yang Tan’s lecture on “Suffering and Stress Related…

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