Essay on Personal Statement On Self Care

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Self-care refers to monitoring one’s own physical, psychological, social, and spiritual welfare when working with clients. When we are our best, we are most effective in helping clients, however to be at our best we must take care of ourselves. Lack of self-care (i.e. self-neglect) leads to distress, professional burnout, vicarious traumatisation, burnout and impaired professional competence.
While research has stated that approximately 15% of individuals who work in a therapeutic area suffer from burnout at some point during their career (Boisaubin & Levine, 2001) the importance of self-care isn’t a concept that is discussed all that much. More often than not all research and teachings focus on the client’s well-being and ensuring that the therapists know the necessary knowledge to help clients. The importance of self-care was made clear by Fingley (1995) who discussed what he called ‘compassion fatigue’. He suggested a way to prevent and mitigate this ‘fatigue’ rapidly and in a healthy manner, by exercising self-care. Leventhal, Leventhal and Robitaille (1998) developed the self-regulation theory of self-care. The theory discusses why people participate, or don’t, in self-care behaviours, essentially it discusses how an individual’s motivations play an essential role in explaining decisions to begin and maintain self-care behaviours (Mcgowan, 2002). Nowadays, the importance of self-care is still being brought to attention. However, the resources are readily…

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