Personal Statement On Self Awareness Essay

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Self-awareness is very important when around other people. Knowing my self-awareness will help me be cautious of the way I act or my facial expressions I show. The parts of myself I need to be aware of to increase my self-awareness are my material, social, and spiritual self.
My house is big enough for my family. The six of us have a place to sleep, shower, eat etc. My ideal for my home would be to make it cleaner. It is a problem only occurring in my room and my sibling’s room. An action step that I can take in order to make my home clean is by staring with my room. I should clean it up a bit on a daily basis. My clothing consists of blouses, shirts, scarves, skirts, dresses, pants and religious wear. I mostly wear dresses and skirts because it is mandatory for women in Islam to dress modestly and not revealing. I hope to have more scarfs in my already large collection. An action step to have more scarves is to get new colors every month. I would say my physical appearance shows that I wear a scarf, I am short, and I am African American etc. I hope to become tall but not too tall. An action step I can take to become tall is to eat more proteins. Becoming tall in height is un-attainable because I can only grow so much, until I stop growing.
I do not consider myself popular. Currently, I am likeable by a lot of people because I communicate with them either on a daily basis or weekly. In my Myers Briggs test it determined that I am introverted. I like to spend the majority…

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