Essay on Personal Statement On Physical Therapy

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Hello, my name is Emi Iwao and I have been working in the physical therapy field for 5 years. During high school I took a sports medicine class which interested me in the body and how it works. I knew right away that I wanted my career to deal with sports medicine and began researching. I applied to many colleges but finally decided on Central Michigan University because of the high reviews on their physical therapy program. At Central, I got my four year bachelor’s degree and then went on to get my Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) which took another three years. During my schooling at Central, I learned so much about the body, sports injuries, and the best methods of healing which intrigued me even more. One great thing about physical therapy is the variety of work places to choose from. I knew I wanted to work in a hospital instead of home health or in a clinic. After being hired to work at the University of Michigan therapy field, I began my career exactly how I had hoped. My beginning annual salary was $79,860 but after working in the field for several years it has rose to $112,020 and will continue to increase if I chose to go back to school and higher my degree in the future. I realized early on that I wanted to specialize in the knee. The knees interested me a lot because of how important they really are. The knee is designed to absorb shock and allow people to move quickly back and forth, to jump, and run. The knee’s provides your leg with back and forth…

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