Personal Statement On Personal Identity Essay

1890 Words Nov 28th, 2016 8 Pages
Many parents will at one point, comment on the personality of their child. This happens even more frequently as the family has more children. This is because you can start to see clearer divides between each child that paints a clearer picture of their own distinct personality. These initial characteristics never seem to go away. For instance, someone who is outspoken and loud as a child will most likely grow up to be the same way. Many find that as they grow up, they are unsure of their identities and feel very lost, but eventually they will come to understand who they once again when they become adults.
As we mature and develop, each individual person starts to get an idea of who they are and their own intrinsic characteristics that define them. These tend to reflect the uninhibited characteristics they showed as a child. The question of personal identity is a baffling one to everyone at some point in their lives. Many philosophers have stepped up to attempt to understand this difficult topic. The first question these brave thinkers must tackle is what determines identity. Is it a questions of physiology or psychology? Is it our bodies and genetic make up that make us who we are, or is it our brains and other cognitive components? The two philosophers who have especially interesting arguments in this field, Derek Parfit and Marya Schechtman, both agree that psychology determines identity. It is understood that memory presupposes identity but the puzzling question at hand…

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