Personal Statement On Personal Code Of Ethics Essay

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Personal Code of Ethics
If I were in the health care industry and I happened to be an administrator, my personal mission statement would be to participate in the improvement of health, safety, and the well-being of patients to the best of my capabilities. To achieve this objective, it demands a high degree of alertness and the institution of appropriate action with respect to any incidences of incompetency, illicit, inappropriate, or unethical practice by members of the team providing health care (Cribb, 2005). For instance, let us say that I was an administrator of nurses in a healthcare facility. I would allow my code of ethics be guided by the guidelines of this practices as I go about my duties. This is bearing in mind that there are many provisions in the nursing code of ethics in the United States of America which influence my everyday practice as a nurse, which are all guided by philosophy.
There is one provision that seeks to promote collective responsibility through professional associations. This provision states provides for development of new means of clarifying nursing accountability on a daily basis (ANA, 2010). This means that regardless of where I am, I have to uphold the nursing code of ethics and in the right standards. This is no matter the time, or on the condition of the patient or how they are perceived in the society. There is also the provision that seeks to promote social reform (ANA, 2015). This means that I have to try and improve the state of…

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