Essay on Personal Statement On Occupational Therapy

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My personal circumstances have influenced my character, thus creating the person that I am now and influencing the aspirations I have for the future. In Greek, “Vanessa” means, “butterfly.” The meaning of my name represents my personality traits of patience and tenderness. The stages of a butterfly require time and mustn’t be rushed. The steady process a butterfly goes through embodies the virtue of patience. The delicacy and tenderness of a butterfly’s presence provides a soothing effect in a soft and gentle manner. I express my tenderness through the endearment and sympathy I feel towards my loved ones. I believe that my feelings, such as those I hold for my brothers, and loved ones, express the central qualities of my character. Patience, compassion, and tenderness are my main qualities, which have been essential to who I am as a person. I seek a career in occupational therapy, which requires such traits. Occupational therapy aids disabled individuals to overcome challenges that interfere with their daily life. My ambition to become an occupational therapist comes from the adoration I have for my brothers, who require occupational therapy.
My brother, Andrew, has severe autism, ADHD, OCD, and bipolar disorder. He is unable to speak or to properly care for himself. He needs my parents’ assistance for daily activities, such as using the restroom. My brother, Michael, has mild autism and can verbally communicate, but he nonetheless has evident social and mental deficits that…

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