Essay about Personal Statement On Leadership Development Goals

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Leadership Development Goals From the information at hand about leadership to my self-assessment, it becomes important to determine concrete and attainable development goals. These goals are developed with leadership, personal, and professional development in mind. I have determined two daunting, but feasible goals to complete including improving my networking ability and improving my work-life balance. These goals can be explored and best defined by looking at development activities, determining the necessary resources and support to complete these goals, determining a concrete timeline, anticipating challenges, and defining what progress looks like.
Development Objective 1: Networking My first goal is to improve upon my networking ability and proclivity. Being that I am a shy individual, this does not come naturally to me and I must work at it in order to better achieve results. To best improve my networking skills, and subsequently my comfort level with networking, there are a number of activities I can and will engage in including utilizing the phone for communication, joining professional networks, and utilizing events that I attend as networking potential. By improving my networking skills, I can make personal connections, professional connections, and strategic connections as previously mentioned for the betterment of myself personally and professionally as well as the business. Development activities. One means of developing my networking skills is to utilize in…

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