Personal Statement On Human Resources Management Essay

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Personal Statement

LSE is a world-leading institution recognised in the sector of social sciences. I’m so excited after viewed the introductory video on website. Human Resources Management related to management science and psychology which I have great passion and enthusiasm for these two areas to study it at degree level. Furthermore, LSE was no other university offering combination of policy and government insight with HR practices and a psychological approach. Among three specialisations, I interested in both HR management stream and international employment relation stream. In my opinion, one of the greatest things about this programme is that there is a wide choice of options to modules, enabling students to choose what they’re interested in or even take a more specific business approach for the future. And the optional modules ranged from management science to other social science. Students could benefit from whole learning resources of LSE.

The reason that I have chosen HR management is that I am fond of communicating with people rather than rigid equations and data in papers. I enjoy the challenge of devising strategies within a command objective. The first time got engrossed in HR management when I was coordinator of the HR department of the Model United Nations Committee (MUNC). I was in touch with the staff performance assessment system and the interview process with freshmen. The interview process was most impressed me, which requested me to identify…

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