Essay about Personal Statement On Health Care

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Health is one of the most important things in life that one ought to gain. Without health, everything else is life is done with mediocrity or not to their fullest extent. Many people do not have a clear understand of what is true health and let along how to obtain and maintain it. Health is in general the state of having a stable mental and physical condition and to also be at least free of illnesses or the most dangerous one. It is also to be aware of your body type as well as your mental conduct. Taking this health 111 class, I have come to an actual and truthful self-realization of my stress level. I have known and better understood that I always put myself the last or in the middle of everything that I do in life; as to what is concern my emotional and internal health. I always try to eat healthy, exercise and maintaining my ideal weight, but I never take time to myself to reflect, get help or anything of this sort. So this class was a sort of encouragement to me as to how I should not avoid my feeling because I am so scared that they will hurt me.
There are different categories of being healthy; as mentioned above. There is a spiritual, physical and emotional. As for me, I have been always or most of the times healthy both spiritually and physically. However, emotionally, I was never allowed or encouraged to show them to anyone but God alone. He is the one who sees and does it all. I never thought of going to anyone to complain about my emotional problems because I…

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