Essay on Personal Statement On Family Nurse Practitioners

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Family nurse practitioners are in excellent positions to help improve health and wellness on a daily and regular basis. The long term connection a FNP can make with patients and the level of care he/she can provide is both beneficial and rewarding to the patient. The altitude of knowledge and skill required to provide care for patients across their life span is beyond admirable. It is an honor to have the opportunity to be that provider and to advocate for patients on a much higher level than that as a registered nurse. I am so very eager to expand my knowledge and skills in order to provide that higher standard of care. My goal is to learn and experience as much as I can from some of the very best teachers/nurses so that I can provide holistic, detailed, and exceedingly efficient care to my patients. I want to be equipped and competent to advocate for the patients I serve because I am the professional in which they are trusting to lead them to better health. My initial inspiration for becoming a FNP came from a woman whom I thought was my doctor. This woman was my primary care provider for about two years and at first I did not even know she was a nurse practitioner. She was very kind, caring, and informative about everything we discussed with my health. I was astonished to find that she was a NP and had the autonomy to diagnose, treat, order and interpret tests. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do/be. During the community rotation in undergrad, I was able to…

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