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Dad began to heal. He was still weak, but he was doing better than he did before. Dad was smart. He knew something was up. He grew depressed, drowning his depression in alcohol. He drank everyday. He called Mom vile names. He was violent and cruel. He wasn 't how a father should be, with telling me of what a “slut” my mother was. My heart broke at the words.
The second day that I realized that I lost my mother was when she turned to pills. She would take a lot of them, becoming sick of Dad screaming at her. I remember her eyes drooping, her passing out. The pain I felt was unbearable. To watch her have the pills control her life sickened me. It made me feel sick.
Mom filed for a divorce. Dad didn 't like that. One time, Mom got home late. Dad didn 't like that either. Mom ran to my room, screaming. My heart pounded fast against my chest. I thought a murderer was in the house.
Mom locked the door and ran to me. She hugged me tight, but then she hid herself behind me. Someone was kicking at my door. Someone banged on it and yelled. The voice slurred as it spoke.
They began to kick and a foot broke through the wood of the white door. My heart plummeted fast, my palms becoming wet. My throat dry and eyes stinging with tears. The murderer got the door open. I saw the face of the murderer. It was my father. He was drunk again and his eyes were painted with a harsh anger. I thought he would kill us. I thought I was going to die.
Dad moved out and moved in with my grandpa. I was…

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