Personal Statement On Becoming A Physical Therapist Essay

911 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
I have been a student at Huston-Tillotson University for about four years, over the course of my stay I have experience knowledge and growth from each professor. I have taken numerous English courses and semester after semester I have learned stuff about literature and language I never thought I would appreciate. I learned how to write and express myself how to think for myself and how to find answers to things I don 't know. In the past it was hard to express my emotions so I kept my feelings bottled up and hoping no one would see how I felt inside. Literature has given me a new way to express myself. I am planning on becoming a physical therapist after graduation and I strongly believe learning how to express myself in new ways because of literature is going to help me in the long run for my future career. The opportunity to expand my knowledge of literature have shown me there are many ways that one can learn, have fun, and be educational at the same time. Words tell so much more than a story, stories tell a lot about life and human nature but literature has taught me about the past, present, and future of different cultures. I know that my ability to write and express my ideas thoughts and knowledge have gotten better this semester because literature taught me how to understand death while balancing my emotions Towards the end of the semester my father passed and I felt my world crumbling, I didn 't even know if I wanted to finish the semester. Almost every literature…

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