Personal Statement Of Purpose For Mechanical Engineering

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From my childhood, I have an inborn curiosity about how things work and how they are made. My mother being a teacher and my father being an engineer they had, from a young age, inculcated in me a habit of reading and the skill of problem solving. It used to be a never ending task for my parents to answer the innumerable questions that I had about everything around me. In my school days I used to tinker with things around me and started making, repairing and modifying things that I could find and school science exhibitions were a platform where I showcased things that I created. When I grew up, this quest led me to select applied science specifically Mechanical
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I studied different kinds of courses in mechanical engineering. But I found my calling in the field of design and manufacturing. My specific interest in the field of manufacturing and design grew with each course that I took in the area and I excelled at all of these courses that …show more content…
N. Ramakrishnan of IIT Gandhinagar to design and develop a low cost semi-automatic storage and retrieval system for the company. Such a system has a huge potential for improving productivity of the Medium and Small Scale industries across the Globe.
Studying in one of the best Institutes in my country, I have a dream to do my Masters in one of the best Universities in the world. A Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Washington would lead me a big step closer to achieve my dream of becoming the best in the field.
I believe that the purpose of any applied science is to improve people’s lives. After the Master’s degree I want to join a reputed Design and Manufacturing Industry in Research and Development, grow professionally and contribute towards changing the lives of people around the world. After gaining insight into industry, I want to do a PhD in which I can improve an industrial process or solve one of industries problems which I believe can be understood only from industrial exposure and pursue on a research career. I am sure that with the interest and undergraduate experience that I

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