Personal Statement Of Purpose By The Time I Essay

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Statement of Purpose By the time I was sixteen, I had taken many different history classes throughout my academic career. However, that year when I took my U.S. History class with Mrs. Klein, I found my perspectives on history changed drastically. Mrs. Klein found connections to our past that directly tied into our future, all while engaging every student and encouraging us all to meet her expectations. I quickly found myself participating in the class very frequently, and I looked forward to learning more about the subject each day. Because I was so used to a traditionally dry lecture format, I was not aware of how interesting and fascinating history can be. It was then I became aware of just how important a strong and passionate teacher is to education. More than just teaching us, she influenced us to take action in our lives and realize that history could always be made. Through her, I learned how I can inspire and influence my future students to address the societal issues that they disagree with, instead of being apathetic. As I work to become a future teacher, I keep in mind the things I enjoyed about her class and look to use those same techniques to not only teach my students, but to have them understand how the complexities of history have shaped society today.
Since then, history has greatly interested me because I believe it is crucial in order to gain an appreciation of the human condition as it has evolved throughout our past. By teaching history to the…

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