Personal Statement Of Professional Goals Essay

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The first two sentences of the profile on my resume state: "Experienced and driven leader with a diverse background. Has professional and leadership experience in many fields, including the military, business, education, and nonprofits." My decision to apply to graduate school for an MBA has been a rather unconventional journey. I have held jobs in a variety of industries and disciplines. I have worked in retail, sales, food service, customer service, account management, the military, and professional ministry and counseling within the local church to name a few. When viewed separately, each of my professional experiences seems inconsistent and disjointed. I have come to understand that my diverse experience has tailored me to think and act as a business professional. It has given me a great depth of wisdom and prepared me to be a strategic thinker. When I look at my professional experience now, it is hard to believe that I had never considered a career in business. The experience that has shaped my passion for business the most, and prompted me to pursue a graduate degree, has been working as a Brand Strategist for a strategic branding agency called The Infantree. I was recruited by The Infantree because the owners believed that my previous work experience gave me a unique skill set that fit well with strategic thinking and planning. While working at The Infantree I have been able to gain professional experience in business consulting,…

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