Middle School Educator Analysis

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My vision as a Middle School Coordinator is in line with the Site Improvement Plan. I thrive on opportunities to improve my practice and support others with theirs. I aim to promote highly effective teaching and learning pedagogies to improve student achievement and engagement. High expectations for students, with rigor and engagement is a key focus of mine.
Criteria 1
I maintain a professional, honest and courteous level of communication with all students, parents and colleagues within the school and wider communities. Regular communication and feedback has been key to the success of these working relationships. I have built connections with local businesses who often mentor students at risk by providing a positive role model and by giving students an opportunity to gain new skills in the workforce and self-confidence.

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I have been a moderator and marker for SACE Visual Arts and the Research Project. I have shared my expertise in my moderation experience with other Middle School teachers to ensure consistency and accuracy in student results and to identify areas for improvement. I monitor students at risk academically and implement support where needed. This has been achieved by leading and supporting staff to map subject results and highlight those students who are below a satisfactory level then developing a plan to support the student in the areas needed.
Criteria 3
In my role as Middle School coordinator I have facilitated regular meetings with the Middle school teachers to provide effective communication and to share good practice. I have also lead several wellbeing initiatives for the middle school students to support teachers with their pastoral care programs and to improve the wellbeing of students. This includes organising documentary screenings focused on promoting positive body image for girls and by working with teachers in classrooms to support pastoral care

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