Personal Statement: My Study In Social Work

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From early on, I have felt the desire to reach out to those around me and ease whatever pain they feel. I have seen the injustice that is pervasive within the world and it doesn’t get easier to swallow that view. As such, I knew that a helping profession would be the best option to put myself in service. Not only does social work provide concrete ways of making a difference, whether on the micro, macro, or mezzo level, but the ideals that it promotes are very important to me. It is a profession built on valuing other humans and protecting that value from those that would take it away or abuse it. My studies in psychology for my undergraduate years have further instilled the want to help those in need. Throughout my academic career, the concepts …show more content…
I had the privilege to establish relationships with a few special needs children in the Children’s Home. Seeing the needs in that community for so many of the children that were orphaned, homeless, or abused solidified my interest in working with that population. In addition to this experience, I also volunteered with at-risk youth that resided in government-sponsored housing for three years which heavily contributed to my wanting to make a difference in those types of communities. Seeing these environments creates such a visceral reaction because it shows the incredible disparity between what an ideal world would look like and the disheartening …show more content…
Although there can be different combinations for each individual’s experience, there are certain societal contributions from society that are more common. Social stratification in particular lack of jobs, social stratification, addiction, lack of health insurance graft and corruption in government, failing infrastructures and services such as roads, public transportation, healthcare, education, employment, affordable housing, and so on.
 experiences: During my internship in the Philippines, I had extended exposure to these types of impoverished communities and seeing the children that were severely affected by it. Not only did poverty contribute to their lack of ability to obtain food and water, but also affected a scarcity of everything else in their lives including clothes, stable homes, and access to education. Although poverty can be an overwhelming problem when looked at from head-on, it can be helpful to pick smaller parts of the issue to address and chip away at it. Risk prevention programs would be helpful in promoting resiliency in these particular children. By combining my passion for this field of study with diligence to complete the coursework under the tutelage of these professors at Columbia University, I will be able to represent the university exceedingly well in my career in social work. I am focused on achieving goals, patient, and able to rise to

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