Personal Statement : My School Essay

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Something I have realized throughout my my life, is that on holidays, people tend to try to compensate, or help out the ones in need. And although this is a really admirable thing to do, it is usually something that is only done during this occasions. Furthermore, most times, it is assumed that their only needs are the material ones, when really, a lot of people need moral and spiritual need.

My school used to take us to poor daycares on christmas eve, and we would be assigned each one one kid, to whom we would bring a bag of candy, a little lunch bag, and a gift. Although it was a really nice thing to do, and something really special for this kids, it was something we only did once a year.

I still remember the day my councilor got into my class, and asked: “Is anybody interested in teaching religion to unprivileged kids on Saturdays?” Although the idea go helping kids sounded appealing, I had never really been too dedicated to my religion, so I just thought, am I really the right person to inculcate a religious foundation on others peoples child’s? My problem was not being uninformed about my religion, because at this point in my life, I had studied enough to be well aware of my believes. Since fourth grade, I studied at a catholic school, where I had to study religion about twice a week. The class had a grade, and was something mandatory in order to pass to the next course. I did believe in god, I guess the problem was I didn 't like hoe it was something that felt…

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