Essay on Personal Statement : My Personal Morals

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Personal Background: My personal morals act as a basis for differentiating between right and wrong and that determine my daily actions and emotions. The relationship I have with God and the role my aunt played in my upbringing has a profound role in the development of my intimate core values. Then were other additional influences such as virtue base approaches that include personal integrity, ambition, and family, accountabilities, which determine my conduct. I was a mother at the age of seventeen not of my own doing, but I accept the responsibility when all other was not agreeing with my decision. Through the situation taught me to stand my ground and stick to my belief. The morality of my potential actions to an end based approach by considering the consequences was to protect the life growing inside. My ethical egoism was one ought to do, whatever will produce my own highest good, I did respect what family members had to say. Nevertheless, in my own way, I just wanted to prove them wrong. That I can still complete high school and go on to college despite going against their decision about an abortion. I believe in life, and I am happy that I did not make the utilitarianism choice.

Life was not easy being a mom at age 17, but I had God and family support. I was able to complete high school, a job in a doctor’s office and taking night classes at the Long Island College University. I may not have planned for this child and the fashion she came into this world, but…

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