Essay on Personal Statement : My Personal Branding Strategy

729 Words Dec 7th, 2016 3 Pages
When it comes to the topic of branding, we often think about corporate brands such as Apple, Coca-cola, McDanlods, as it reminds us of tangible products and services we invest in. Tom Peter(1997)claims that "personal branding" can be viewed as individuals playing the role as a CEO of their own company and everyone have the personal brand. Therefore, personal branding is a significant powerful tool for individual to achieve success in the corporate world by providing a programmatic set of strategies to improve individuals brand (Lair, 2005). In this essay, I will talk about how I plan to approach my personal branding strategy and to develop it to successfully achieve my future career ambition.
Branding is the process of selling a service, item, business or even a person defined as a programmatic theory which aims to meet the needs of the target audience, market or employer (Lair, 2005). At the beginning, the idea of branding is used to indicate the ownership of living stock, and it is a communication strategy to make the symbols of the products or service in the world of corporate communications. In the late 19s centuries, the company provide brand products to offer unique value to attract consumers and distinguish their products by offering the brand name which is based on the idea of consumer branding (Olins, 2000). After the 1970s, with the development of social media, the more opportunities and challenges are brought to branding strategies in the crowded market,…

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