Personal Statement: Strong Passion For Sporting Activities

Personal Statement

Since a very young age I have had a strong passion for sporting activities. I have always enjoyed trying to stay fit, whether it’s through playing sports, jogging or going to the gym. I work very hard at all of these things, pushing myself to improve each time. This does take a lot of dedication and it is never easy but I feel great afterwards and that’s why I do it. I also enjoy the social aspect of sport. I enjoy communicating the others and meeting new people. My favourite memories from primary school are of playing soccer. We were always very successful in our competitions and I also captained the team which was a very proud moment for me. When I was twelve I made the Inishowen Girls’ Team. I had trained really
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I play soccer and GAA for my local clubs. I also love to go to the gym and I try to go for a run as often as I can as it clears my head and keeps me energised and motivated. I have younger siblings in my family and I love taking them outside to play sports and to teach them new skills. I have a lot of time for young children and enjoy showing them ways to keep fit. I coach at an event organised by my local soccer club called ‘Fun Football’ and I love it. Some players have a lot of potential even at a very young age which is great to see. I also volunteer to help out at local summer camps for children. I feel that this is a great way to keep children active while at the same time allowing them to socialise. I believe that this is important for these children as unfortunately they often forget about keeping active as a result of the increased technologies that surround them. I feel that I am a confident person when it comes to talking to people about fitness and health. I love informing others of the interesting facts that I discover when reading up on these topics. I have a huge interest in nutrition and how our body reacts to different foods and as a result I am very cautious of what foods I eat. My interest in this can be seen in my decision to study biology and home-economics for my leaving certificate. My passion for sport and nutrition and the experiences I have encountered as a result of these interests have given me the desire to pursue a career in this field of expertise. I would love to be a professional trainer or sports physiotherapist in the future. Being accepted into this course would mean a lot to me as it is the only thing I want to do and it is the only thing I can picture myself doing in years to come. Being accepted on this course really would be the next stepping stone in making my dream a

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