Personal Statement : My Mother Tongue Language Essay

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My birth name is Rabi’atul’adawiyah Binti Sulaiman. However, people always mess up with my name, and finally, my legal name is Rabiatul adawiyah Binti Sulaiman, taken after my name on my passport. I was born and raised in Malaysia, specifically Batu Pahat, Johore. I have no experience in working because my parents won’t let me work. My family is diverse, my dad’s origin is Pakistan while my mom’s origin is Singapore. They settled down in Malaysia, the place I was born. I tried 1001 ways not to live with my parents because I feel they are restricting my life. As a result, I went to boarding school since I was 16 years old, and till now, I have never stay at my home for more than a month. My mother tongue language is Malay or Bahasa, while my second language is English. I learnt some Arabic when I was 7 till 12. Right now, I am learning Korean by myself, mainly because I am addicted to Korean Dramas.
I like to try new things, and observe people. One part of my life that I love is, I always want to find a logic behind every action and decision that people make. Even though we cannot judge a person based on a chapter of his life, it is interesting to see the call they make after having such struggle in a situation. At one point of my life, I do think I have OCD. Not the disease, but more to, the desire to have everything falls into right places – perfectionist.
Moving on, one of my special learning styles is, I love to imagine things. I maximize my learning process by adapting…

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