Personal Statement: My Love For Science

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I believe my love for science and the medical field has been passed down to me from my Dad. Some see him as a quirky, introverted, physics major, but to me he is the person who taught me to question both the known and the unknown, and appreciate the complex yet beautiful world we live in. I have never been good at math without having to work extremely hard at it, and the seemingly scattered rules of grammar can frustrate me. The one thing I know for sure is my desire to understand how we humans work both on a mental and physiological level. I has been said to me many times throughout my life that I should go into a profession that I am truly in love with in order to live a fulfilling life. With this message drilled into my head, I searched …show more content…
I want to go the extra mile when it comes to volunteering and grades. As a leader it is important to know my own strengths and weaknesses. A personal flaw of mine is that I am guilty of being a perfectionist to the point of procrastination. I recognize that this could get in the way of my plan of initiative, but the important part is that I recognize that and I am trying to overcome it. Through out my years as a student, I must recognize my flaws and build on them in order to succeed. Some of the prerequisites needed for the pre-med major do not excite me. Chemistry and physics are not my strongest area of study. I have come to terms with the fact that I will struggle in some of these classes, but I aim to enjoy my suffering. Now, in a new chapter of my life I want to branch out and try new things. It would be ideal to be able to volunteer in a hospital setting and see what my future would look like, what responsibilities I would face, and what the hospital dynamic looks like. Another option for volunteer work would be working with organizations that promote healthy living to those in the community. There is great opportunity in volunteering and sticking with the same organization. Working my way up to a leadership role in an organization will not only look good for jobs and school applications; it will also help develop my people skills. I find myself to be more of an “accidental” leader. I go about my way trying to accomplish my goal, whatever that may be, and if someone wants to follow me than I accept their common goal and carry on. I don’t think this is the most effective form of leadership. Getting engaged in an organization that promotes awareness to matters I find important will help me find the voice of a leader. A voice that reaches out and garners support from others. I have a voice worth hearing I just have problems getting it out. My goal

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