Essay about Personal Statement : My Life

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Personal statement:

“Three passions, simple but overwhelming strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.” These profound and intellectual words by a great writer and philosopher Bertrand Russell are reflection of my contemplation and perception of life.

I am from a small village in Sindh Pakistan. I completed my preliminary schooling at a government school in my village then my parents sent me to city for higher education. It was a drastic change in my life and I faced many difficulties. I was living away from my home, parents and siblings in Larkana city for my education. I faced financial and emotional hardships throughout my teenage years. Something that was most comforting in the midst of all the adversities I was facing was my dream, my passion, my enthusiasm to achieve my goal-to be a successful doctor. I worked day in and day out; my efforts were untiring and persevere as my goal was crystal clear before my eyes. Finally, my struggle paid off and I was selected in a renowned medical university of Larkana by competing with thousands of candidates. The path afterwards was still uneven. I faced many financial problems. I worked part-time as tutor. The struggle indeed made me immensely strong, resilient and more focused and dedicated towards my path.

During my internal medicine rotations in my medical school, I began to develop keen interest in internal medicine. I find internal…

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