Personal Statement : My Introversion As A Child Gave Me Essay

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Personal Statement My introversion as a child gave me the opportunity to be an observer. My observations of people and their environments sparked my interest in studying behavior. I 've always been intrigued by the untold story; the story of one 's past that influences who they are today. Growing up, my father was very detached emotionally.He would rarely express empathy causing emotional disconnects in our family unit. My father 's untold story is that he is a Desert Storm army veteran. Often times, in school my close friend would become very aggressive when boys would touch her. Her untold story is she was sexual abused as a child. It is the untold story that can provide clarity to understand a person. The problem is that many of these stories remain untold. This leaves one bound by the chains of his or her past.The heavier the chains can affect their mental health, causing depression, anxiety or stress. I believe my purpose is to release people from the chains of their past or any circumstance that is preventing them from being free.
While pursuing my undergraduate degree at Spelman College, I cultivated my passion for mental health. I established a mental health concentration within my coursework, where I was able to focus on the aspects psychology that was closely related to mental health. . There is not enough positive promotion for healthy minds as there is for healthy bodies. Our mental health and physical health are interconnected; therefore there should be an…

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