Personal Statement: My Interest In Computer Science

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My interest in computer science kindled when I started playing games long time ago. I have imagined a kind of game that existed in real life, in which we had all the senses and broke the screen. As I grew older, I learned that all the games were programmed with machine languages. And therefore, when I had the chance to select my major before the university, I chose Computer Science without any doubt or hesitation.
During my undergraduate study at Iowa University, what I learn most are basic languages and algorithms, but some of the advanced courses and self-learning make me feel that computer science demonstrate the essence of natural science - evolution. For example, the development of website from static to dynamic, the progress of the sense
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Virtual reality is not a new concept, and the origins can be traced as far as Ivan Sutherland’s “The Ultimate Display”. As what she said in her paper “The screen is a window through which one sees a virtual world. The challenge is to make that world look real, act real, sound real, feel real.” I could not agree more. I wish that I could be part of the members who are devoted in developing this tantalizing technology. Thus, I seek to dedicate my studies at Stony Brook to developing my skillset design a way to enhance the synchronic interaction between virtual and reality. To accomplish this goal, I believe enrolling and graduating from the Master in Graphic and Visualization program at Stony Brook is an important milestone in my …show more content…
It provides a friendly learning atmosphere for international students. My personal interest is in Virtual Reality, for which I taught myself basic graphics and Maya, and wish to further them in my graduate study. The M.S. in Computer Science program at SBU provides a wide range of disciplines. It not only offers basic and advanced courses such as computer graphics and visualization, but fascinating Advanced Project Option which could teach me the skills necessary to know the system, software, software, and spatial knowledge of virtualization. With all these advantages, SBU is undoubtedly an excellent choice for me to further improve myself in Computer

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