Personal Statement : My Goals Essay

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Having grown up in a family that was torn by divorce, the crippling changes in the economic situation in my home country and eventually immigration, my only financial goal is to be without a lack of assets. Having to pay my own way through undergrad, as well as providing for my personal needs such as clothing, technology and transportation and almost all of my own groceries since I was old enough to work, at no point in my life thus far have I been able to save any of my income for long periods of time. In the short term, my goal is to have enough money to pay for my education, as I recently found out that there is a limit to borrowing. A mid-term goal is to become debt free by age 30, although lofty, I believe is achievable. As for long term, my goal is to have enough to retire and to help pay for a portion of my future children’s education.
Tracking my finances over the last couple of months has really shown and shocked me about where my money was going. The first unexpected portion came from how much of the money I was spending on going out to eat rather than purchasing groceries. Although I was only about fifteen percent over what I wanted to spend on food per month, about seventy percent of the money I spent was on eating out. The social pressures of making new friends, keeping up with my classmate’s lifestyles and going out with them has definitely effected the way I spend.
Another lesson I learned is that banks don’t have to let their costumers know when they…

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