Personal Statement : My Goal Of Mine From My Last Synthesis Paper

1877 Words Oct 9th, 2015 8 Pages
For this combination, I recognized that I was able to learn the entire phrase without having to rely on others, so I finally achieved a previous goal of mine from my last synthesis paper. My goal was to be able to perform based off of my own confidence. From the beginning of class until now, I was really reluctant in trying to do the movement because I forgot that movement looks different in everyone else’s bodies, so I was busy trying to match other people, which probably slowed me down from being able to perform the movements. I was able to recall the differences in every individual when I sat out a few days ago. I was able to analyze and watch every student move in class, which allowed me to realize that I was putting too much pressure on myself to look like everyone else when I can only dance like me. I believe my overall impression and effectiveness would be about an eight because. Although I do not rely heavily on others for the movement, I do check to make sure that I am on pace with others, which can be beneficial and detrimental because someone could potentially be keeping track of my movement.
When it comes to how accurate and clear my movements are for this dance, I believe I am doing well. I believe I portray what is supposed to be displayed at that time and it flows well with others around. But this analysis is based off from my movement so far from practice. Although there are times when I do not perform the movements correctly, such as the shoulder roll into…

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