Personal Statement : My Gifts And Talents Essay

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Over the past two weeks, we have spent many periods as a class discussing and reflecting upon what it means to be human. As we delved deeper into the subject, we were able to learn more about the different aspects of human beings. For this assignment, we were required to explore and communicate our understanding of who we are as individuals.

My Gifts and Talents
To begin with, we had to represent our gifts and talents. Surprisingly, this was one of the parts that I struggled with. As a little kid, there weren’t a lot of activities that really intrigued me enough to continue with. However, the one thing that had managed to stick with was Art. I started with drawing manga and although I didn’t think much of it, my friends and family encouraged me to keep going. I think that when it comes to our work, sometimes we can be our harshest critic. I knew I wasn’t great at it, but when it came to drawing, I felt the desire to improve. I occasionally explored other mediums, but I usually came back to using pencil and paper for art.
Eventually, because of my fascination with technology, I came across a website with graphic design hobbits that were either around my age or older. I was terrible at it at first, but through observing other designers and watching tutorials, I eventually got better at it. I started out using various software to produce graphic designs before settling with Photoshop which is why I used the icon to depict this point. I think that the experience that I have had…

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