Essay on Personal Statement : My Father Has Cancer

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It was in the darkened corridor of the University Hospital during the early hours of the morning while sitting at a card table putting together pieces of a puzzle, my life felt as if it was coming off the rails. Figuratively and literally, these puzzle pieces represented myself sorting out memories, thoughts, questions, and struggling to understand what the loss of one of the most significant figures of my upbringing will look like without his guidance and love.

“Your grandfather has cancer.” In the not so distant past the same words echoed with my mother’s diagnoses and once again being confronted with this undesirable announcement has me shaken. The element of pain that must be endured when one first hears that a family member has cancer is difficult to explain and the devastation can never be forgotten. As I spend weeks pondering on what I want to write for my personal statement nothing fit better than speaking from the heart about my grandfather and the core traits he instilled in me as a young girl on the family farm. There are far too many words to express his influence in my life but I will try my best.

My grandfather was hardworking, strong, loving, and gentle. He was an exceptional man, even as he was fighting against cancer complications. He fought with more strength and courage than one can imagine. He never complained. My granddad was expending such energy and will and strength, fighting for more time, still talking about the future and what he…

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