Essay on Personal Statement : My Dearest Perpetua

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My dearest Perpetua,
I was at your house visiting your parents last week and I found your diary. I noticed how the tree in your front yard was hollowed out just past the first branch and I saw something flipping in the wind in the nook. When I realized what it was, I quickly hid it with my things because that day, Governor Hilarion was coming to search your house. He is looking for any items resembling the Christian faith. Perpetua, I believe that you should choose to go forth towards martyrdom because not only do signs of your Christian faith strengthen as the days come to an end, but your intelligence shows how brave you have become.
Baptism is the formal admission into the Christian faith, choosing to be baptized shows that you wanted to die a Christian. When you only asked for “endurance of physical suffering,” this showed me that you are already mentally and emotionally strong enough to accept and embrace your faith but also to embrace your martyrdom (25). I believe this to be true in the first vision you have showing that you know the outcome of the trial, and you stay true to your Christian faith. Throughout your diary, you are constantly concerned about your son because he still depends on you for survival. God realized this and your breasts were not painful anymore and your son did not need nursing. This act strengthens your faith showing that even the Father wants you to go towards martyrdom. When you prayed for many nights for Dinocrates and in one vision he is…

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