Personal Statement : My Dad Essay

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As I reflect on aspects of my life that are meaningful and valuable to me, I begin to feel a sense of comfort. Considering individuals tend hold their values in high regard, that comfort makes sense. Also, these values tend to be qualities I expect out of myself, others, and my community. Values shape the dreams we have for ourselves, and give us a sense of the person we aspire to be. Additionally, my values and past memories have shaped my desire to become a counselor.
Freedom is a value that I remember establishing in childhood. My grandpa is a Vietnam War veteran, and I’ve always looked up to him for his courage. My grandpa (along with countless other men and woman around the world) valued freedom to the extent that they are willing to risk their lives to have this right. Upon returning from war, he developed PTSD and alcohol addiction. My grandpa risked his well-being for others to have freedom. This makes me realize how much I value freedom in my every day life. My goals in life are not restricted by any means. I chose the career and education track I felt was suitable for me, I am free to date and marry the person I love, and I have the choice of whether or not to have children (if I am able to). It gives my life meaning knowing that age, gender, religion, or social status do not have to be a barrier between romantic relationships and friendships. With that being said, there are many places around the world that have governments that do not value the same…

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