Personal Statement : My Dad And I Have Never

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My dad and I have never really been close. In all honesty, he favors my sisters and that was always okay with me. He was not always in the picture when I was younger so it seems appropriate that we do not speak much. It made sense that he did not seem to be aware to the struggles that I was having and recovering from. Last year I was diagnosed with having an eating disorder and I told both of my parents after finding out. Since then I noticed that my dad cannot seem to come to terms with it. Something I greatly value is compassion. It is important to me that I be compassionate towards others and in turn I expect compassion when appropriate. I always complain about my dad never being there to listen or that he has never shown me compassion when it comes to this topic. For my risk I decided to talk to my dad about this situation and address why he seems to not want to ever talk about it. I wanted him to express that he does care rather than try to change the subject. I wanted to know if maybe I was not communicating enough on my end or if there was just a lack of knowledge on the subject and he was unsure on what to do.
The modest risk I decided to take was to openly ask my dad about how he felt about my situation and why he never seemed to be willing to show me compassion when I needed it. While we were hiking over the weekend I decided to bring it up. Of course, I wanted to address this more smoothly but it came out like word vomit and once I started I could not seem to

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