Personal Statement : My Counselor Essay

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Ms Moya Malcolm was my counselor when I was in the Upward Bound Program and I’ve known her almost six years. Before the interview we chatted a bit about how I was doing in school and about the program. This was to avoid the questions from feeling to sudden or rushed. I feel that my main strength as an interviewer was that I asked questions that were specific to the program. Being that I’ve gone through the program myself, I am quite familiar with the ways things work in the program and I made sure that I used that to my advantage. Ms Malcolm even commanded me on the fact that the questions I asked were very specific. I know that as a junior and senior in the program, you are required to have a meeting with your counselor and your parents to discuss college plans and college financing. Based on this knowledge, I asked Ms Malcolm how she was able talk to parents about a topic as sensitive as finances (within the context of college education). Her answer was that “low income parents do feel that me asking them about their financial standing is odd and even a bit invasive”. Another strength of mine in this speech was my listening. I made sure I was keeping eye contact with her, nodding to her responses as well was briefly paraphrasing her statements (such as when she was talking be communicating with parents who aren’t native english speakers, I followed with a statement about how a language barrier can make them feel alienated) to show that I was paying close attention to…

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