Essay on Personal Statement : My Career

1516 Words Jun 26th, 2015 null Page
So I’ve had multiple experiences and events that have influenced me as a person, and has even reached into my academic career. The event I would like to do into detail is one that happened almost a year and a half ago now; I was out on the streets living a life of sin, not accepting Christ not accepting authority, or anything that I couldn’t profit from. My life was spiraling out of control more quickly than I could believe it was. I was working a full time job and a part time job, I was hanging on the streets and more worried about making money any way possible than being home. Suddenly I left my part time job without letting them know or giving any consideration, even though I had worked there for almost 3 years. Money was my motivation and I saw more opportunity out on the streets than working a legit job. So I started to worry less and less about working and eventually I lost my full time job. But none the less I couldn’t care less even though I had responsibilities to take care of like, paying for my insurance for my car I had at the time and paying my child support. But I wasn’t worried I started getting more involved in the band I was in, drinking and doing drugs became a past time, and a part of my life. Soon enough my band mates started to have ill feelings towards me because I started to put drugs and alcohol before practicing and shows. Even if it was the only thing I had left to do other than hang out on the streets I didn’t care I wanted to have fun. Soon enough…

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