Personal Statement : My Career Goals Essay

791 Words Jul 9th, 2016 4 Pages
I first met Kay when my indecisiveness in choosing a major began to inhibit my academic progress. For this walk-in, I was blessed to have received Kay as my career counselor. She was friendly and approachable, which helped ease the anxiety I felt about the situation. I felt comfortable disclosing my thoughts, fears, and self-doubts with her. Kay understands that choosing a career depends on understanding one’s personality; therefore, she would ask questions beyond my educational and career goals to understand the core of my interests. For this particular session, she suggested I use the focus tool. Once I completed it, she analyzed and explained the results in a comprehensible manner. What I realized through this initial interaction is that Kay is very knowledgeable about school resources. Her experience and knowledge helped guide me to identify my career aspirations. By becoming more aware of my likes/dislikes for each class, I began narrowing my interests into career goals. Through this interaction, I developed an interest in Human Resource Management and solidified my decision to major in Public Health.
What Kay helped me realize was that there is more to a major than its salary. Having been influenced by my family to become a doctor, I had prioritized money over passion. Through Kay’s help, I realized the significance Public Health played in my life and how it aligned with my values, goals, and interests. Additionally, I appreciate Kay for her patience when…

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