Essay on Personal Statement : My Career Goals

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The purpose of writing this paper is to explore a career that I may be interesting to me. The paper will help me further explore a dream career. My current major is human development and family studies with a nursing track. My previous major was Human biology. I decided to change my major for many reasons. The main reason I decided to change my major because it seem very relatable to the nursing field. I took a HDFS course my freshman year and it definitely peaked my interest. I took HDFS 212 which is about children, youth, and family. I changed my career goal in the middle of my college career. My focus was to get into medical school, but now I am pursing nursing school. I always loved taking science and math classes. I found out that I would be able to my nursing requirements while having a different major. I decided to officially become a HDFS major because I believe it would have a positive aspect of nursing. So, since I am an HDFS major, I have take HDFS 270 to fulfill my major requirement.

2) My ultimate dream goal was to be a neonatal surgeon and to have my own private practice. Now that I am always done with college, my dream career changed a bit. I still want to be in a surgical room some type of way. My dream goal now is to become a nurse Anesthetist. I prefer to work in the neonatal department and/or the plastic surgery department. Also, my other dream goal is to become a neonatal nurse practitioner. I am interested in pursuing this career because I have a…

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