Personal Statement : Mexican And My Life Essay

789 Words Jan 19th, 2016 4 Pages
People often define themselves by their ethnicity, culture, hobbies and even by the careers they choose. Growing up I was proud of who I was, I was Mexican and I have a strong personality and I am very independent. I think as the years go by I have had to learn to see myself through the eyes of my children. Who do my children want me to be and with who do I want them to seem me as? Does being Mexican define who I am or is that only a small part? I think there are two things that if you know about me it pretty sums up who April Spencer is. One any decision I make I would rather a man to hate me for it then to be ashamed in the eyes of God. Two, I try to base my decisions on if my kids where to see what I’m doing can they hold their head up high and say that’s my mom. It sounds funny to define yourself based on someone who you don’t see and children. This is how see it though when I got married there was one thing that my husband and I had in common and that is a passion to help troubled youth. We grew up in two different worlds, he grew up around drugs and his family was very unfortunate financially. I grew up never lacking anything and was raised as an only child. When we met it was a relationship that that his family desired for him but a relationship that my family feared. Our culture was different, our morals were not even compatible, and our differences of race was a major concern. There was one thing that our families never saw coming as different as we were we knew…

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