Essay about Personal Statement : Managing A Classroom

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Before this experience I didn’t know how tiring it could be to actually be in the classroom. I noticed throughout the day that I would get really tired compared to most days. Managing a classroom takes a lot of effort and energy to produce an effective learning environment for the students. Before entering the classroom I thought it was going to be difficult to connect with the students, I was honestly very nervous on my first day. I was thinking “what if the kids don’t like me?” I was very curious on the types of behavior issues I was going to run into. I was most nervous about being in a kindergarten class since teaching kindergarten is not my first choice, I didn’t know what to expect or if I would enjoy it. I was thinking that if I don’t like this grade level how will I last for three months, but I knew I had to get the best out of this experience so I entered with an open mind. As the first week came to an end I realized that I was enjoying my time in the classroom. I was actually excited to go back the next week. On the first day of class the students were very curious who I was and were seemingly excited to meet me. During the week I noticed that the kids wanted to do a reading group with me, and the students who were not put into my reading group were disappointed. This made me feel confident and comfortable with being grouped with a variety of students in the classroom. Overall the EFC 330 filed experience allowed me to learn and practice many things that I will…

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