Personal Statement : Is Purity Essay

723 Words Dec 8th, 2016 3 Pages
While this past month has not been easy for me to keep up with my personal niyamas, it has definitely allowed me to gain a deeper insight into myself and learn some new things along the way. My first niyama I chose to focus on was purity. While everyone can always strive to eat better of exercise more, I wanted to do something personal and something I have been effected by for a long time. I have been biting my nails for longer than I can remember, and I know my nails are too short. I am constantly reminded when I try to pry open a can of soup or scratch off a lottery ticket without a coin that my nails are unnaturally short. I have tried to stop before, but failure was always the end result. For this month I chose to focus less on completely stopping and more about when and why I do it. If I was able to prevent myself at certain times, that was just a bonus. Prior to starting the month, I never really knew or bothered to wonder why I bit my nails. I knew it was bad, but it just happened without me even know I’m doing it. Even if I ended up having better awareness of when I bite my nails, I would consider it a successful exercise. Nevertheless, I went through the month, somedays not feeling any urge at all, while other days I couldn’t control myself until every last nail was trimmed down to nothing. Overall my progress made was minimal if not nonexistent. Still I have learned much about my habit. I used to think that I did not just bite my nails when I was nervous or…

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