Personal Statement : ' I Am Cursed ' Essay

806 Words Oct 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Maybe I am cursed
I have made a habit of hurting people.
Mentally not physically. Except for maybe once, but that’s a story to be told another day. Rather they be my closest friend or the girl I love, they always end up being hurt in one way or another. It’s not that I particularly enjoy hurting people, but no matter what I do, those I love get hurt, and I am the one to blame. I like to think of most of the pain I put them through is an accident, that every heartbreak was just a mistaken consequence. But even I don’t know if my actions were unconscious at this point. All in all, I want everyone to be happy, including myself, but life has never been easy. With one person’s happiness comes another’s sadness, one person’s sadness leads to another’s disappointment. Life is a double edged sword, and my actions held the hilt.

Heads I lose, tails you win
I have been called smart, caring, loving, a good kid, a great friend, etc. But I have also been called a liar, a cheater, a dick, stupid, uncaring, unloving, abusive etc. Every word goes to my head, the good or the bad, and my persona evolves from it. Tell me the good things and I will flaunt it, tell me the bad and I will remember it. The good goes to my head specifically, tell me I am smart and I will challenge God himself to a chess match, tell me I’m attractive and I will try to have my way with a super model. The bigger my head gets the worse my actions become. I will think I am on top of the world and nothing can stop…

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