Essay on Personal Statement : How Can I Help?

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Personal Statement "How can I help?" is a simple question that we normally either dismiss or greet with lukewarm enthusiasm. In this question though, rests a core intention of trying to be part of the solution. It may not seem important, but the simplest of ideas, motivations or questions can begin most journeys, which is true in my case. I remember that as a young child of around 4 years old, I would sit on the counter next to the medicine cabinet and read the back of all the medicine bottles. My adolescent mind was just barely able to sound out the words on those bottles: acetaminophen, diphenhydramine, and dextromethorphan. I had no clue what these words meant or what the molecules that were represented did in our body. The only thing I knew was that these things are how medications are effective and made us feel better, which triggered my first question: What are these things and how do they make us better? I wanted to know the answers to these questions from every perspective, and the question was motivated by my underlying desire to help. That question was the spark, that ignited this burning desire to know more about the world around us. As I progressed toward answering these questions I quickly realized that answers are complex and never as straight-forward as one might hope. Chemistry always gave the best context to answer my questions and explain the world around me. This context and understanding in turn allowed me to better help others. Throughout my journey…

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