Personal Statement : High School Essay

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In high school, nobody really ever accepted me or gave me a chance. No girls ever wanted to be my friend because I was the “ new girl” but all the guys wanted to be my friends and tried to talk to me and hang out which then made things worse with girls because all the guys attention were on me, but my attention was definitely just at school. I got called a whore, slut, stupid, worthless, retarded, and many other names. Those people did not even know my name, yet they assumed all these things about me. I am a senior now. I have no girlfriends at Piedmont High School. The only friend I have is my boyfriend, which is the only person that literally knows everything about me, and still accepts me for my crazy life. If people actually got to know me they would get to know that I live with my grandparents because my mom has been in and out of jail since I was little, and recently was in prison for almost 2 years. They would know that my mom would take me on her drug deals… and sometimes she would leave me in the car, but sometimes she would take me in and I would see all of these people doing things that I did not understand at the time. Many times I was terrified because the males made me feel uncomfortable and the females were shooting up. I feel as though this happened every day. I was a mommy’s girl, I didn’t want to go anywhere without her.. but I should 've never gone anywhere. They would know that my mom would literally hit up EVERY hospital just to get medication, she…

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