Essay on Personal Statement : High School

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My ultimate goal in life has always been to be successful - to be happy with the career I choose, and to be able to make a living off of it. I 've always know, at least halfway, that I would have to work very hard to accomplish that goal, that promising futures are most often built off of how you conduct yourself in school. However, it 's really difficult to see how your future will pan out when you 're a high school freshman with no idea what you want to do, and despite your every effort, can 't seem to make yourself finish the simplist of homework assignments.

Up until the ninth grade, I was able to get by on procrastination. The middle school I went to really wanted the students to believe we were being prepared for high school. But we weren 't, not really - I hardly ever had homework, and when I did, I was able to do it the night before it was due without much consequence. High school was a completely different beast; I began struggling, had no idea what I was doing, and basically sucked my entire family into my whirlwind of constant panic. The "studying" methods I had previously relied upon (filling out reviews in class and barely glancing at them the night before big tests) weren 't working anymore. And I tried, I really did, to get myself to do things ahead of time, to be proactive as a means of lessening my stress. But for whatever reason, I couldn 't seem to do any assignment without the threat of a close-looming deadline.

My tenth grade year was much of the same,…

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