Personal Statement : Help Me Die ! By Brittany Maynard Essay examples

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Help Me Die! Brittany Maynard was a twenty-four year older in the happiest time of her life. She had been married for a little over a year and was trying for a baby. However, her life took an unexpected turn for the worst when she learned that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Most of her time and money was then wasted away to hospital visits, medical tests, and doctor meetings. In the process, there was an effort made to stop the growth of her tumor but it failed. In April, the brain tumor returned more aggressive, so doctors told her that she would only have six months to live. Brittany and her family came to the conclusion that there was nothing that would improve her chance of survival, so instead of living a painful, burdensome life for the rest of the time that she had left, she chose to end it happily and peacefully. She decided to partake in physician assisted suicide in which she would ingest medication that would end her life. However, she was denied the opportunity to do this legally in her home state of California. As a result, Brittany and her family had to spend more time and money to move the family to Oregon, where physician assisted suicide is legal ( In this situation, the problem is not that someone choose to end their own life instead of potentially elongating it, it is that a simple law denies someone to end their suffering. The method of death that Brittany Maynard chose is known as physician assisted suicide, PAS for short. This is…

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