Personal Statement : Help Me ! I Am Old ! Essay

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The authors of “Help me! I’m Old!” came up with the conclusion that caregivers can also lead to a decrease in self-esteem for older adults. Because of the negative stereotypes that are associated with older adults, a caregiver may believe that they know what is best for the elders’ needs and discredit or ignore their requests. If an elder communicates a need, such as being hungry or having a headache, and their caregiver neglects their need or delays treatment, the elder will eventually give up communicating with their caregiver. This would lead to their self-esteem to decrease because they are forced to be discredited and not have their needs met. Social interactives and healthy relationships help boost an individual’s self-esteem. If a caregiver and an elder do not have a healthy relationship, then the elder’s self-esteem will be greatly impacted.
In the business world, I will most likely be working with many individuals who are older than me. There are very few companies where the CEO is a young adult. My fellow coworkers may be a similar age as me but I will mostly likely be working for someone at least 50 years old. Some of my coworkers may also be older than 50 and some may be close to retirement age. It is very important to not add on stereotypes to these individuals. They are capable of performing any tasks and they will most likely be able to perform them better than me since they will have years of experience. I should not stereotype my boss or coworkers by…

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